For creators who want to stand out, SugarCity Events is a raw industrial venue that gives an everlasting #sweetrush!

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SugarCity Events has several industrial event spaces, each with its own character. The heart of this former sugar factory is the Middenfabriek (Central Factory), linked by the Binnenstraat (Walkway to the Pulppersloods). These are SugarCity Events’ two largest event spaces, but we also have areas for smaller groups. Each can be used separately or in combination with others, so the possibilities are endless.

SugarCity has the right space for every event. The original stairs, huge, authentic boilers, brick walls and industrial pillars add impact to your message. We also have state-of-the-art technology to support your event, such as 9opl50-megabit WiFi, LED lighting and a vehicle lift.

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About SugarCity Events

SugarCity Events is located in Halfweg, between Amsterdam and Haarlem, and has over 10,000 square metres of industrial event space in use. It offers a unique combination of original features from the sugar factory that operated on the site from 1863 to 1992, and the very latest technology. The high ceilings, multi-storey spaces, impressive atriums and other historic details provide a rugged industrial setting for a wide range of events.

Only decades ago, workers started their day in the Bietenwasruimte (Washing Room), where the sugar production process began. Each space has a history of its own, making SugarCity Events unique.

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