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Rauwe evenementenlocatie SugarCIty

Raw and industrial

This former sugar factory still has a rough-edged, industrial feel. Its high ceilings, impressive atriums and other historic features make it a unique location for events, and because the spaces can be used individually or in combination, the possibilities are endless. Whether you’re planning an intimate event or expecting a large audience, SugarCity Events has a space that’s right for you. Of course, all are equipped with the very latest technology to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Veelzijdige evenementenlocatie


SugarCity offers distinctive industrial spaces for a wide variety of events, such as meetings, incentives, product presentations, fashion shows, conferences, and festivals. The possibilities are endless. Alongside the former factory, SugarCity Events offers other locations in the Amsterdam and Haarlem area for a accommodation purposes.


SugarCity Events is easy to get to by car and public transport. Halfweg-Zwanenburg station is right outside the door, with several trains an hour from Amsterdam and Haarlem, and the former sugar factory is also easily accessible by road. It has its own parking, and if you’re expecting international guests, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is only 15 minutes’ drive away.

Rauwe stijle van SugarCity


The factory is full of rooms and sealed-off passageways awaiting repurposing, and as SugarCity Events continues to grow, the range of options will expand as well.

The entire site is undergoing redevelopment and becoming increasingly busy, and a new hotel is scheduled to open next to the factory, so visitors will able to stay onsite before or after your event.


SugarCity van suikerfabriek tot evenementlocatie

From sugar factory to industrial event venue

SugarCity Events was the Netherlands’ oldest sugar factory, operating from 1863 to 1992 and owned by CSM Suiker. The air was full of steam, the din of cranes and other machinery, and everyone that passed the Binnentuin could smell the sugar.

Since 2002, it has been undergoing redevelopment by the Cobraspen Group, transforming it into a unique event location while keeping the factory itself fully intact. It incorporates all the advanced technology you’d expect from a modern event venue, but this has been done subtly and with respect for the factory’s character.

The unique décor is testimony to the former sugar factory’s industrial grandeur. Many memorable events have been held at the factory, so it continues to make history.

Beyond Banking Hackathon in Amsterdam SugarCity


Sustainability has been a priority throughout the transformation from sugar factory to event venue, with the emphasis on preserving the original building and reusing existing materials. For example, the stairs in the Middenfabriek come from another part of the site,

and LED lighting is used to reduce the building’s power consumption. We also work with Green Events Nederland, who can help you to make your event as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Cobraspen Group, which is redeveloping the whole site, has conservation in its DNA. It specialises in converting listed industrial buildings and is converting the former factory and surrounding land with a passionate respect for its history.


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