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Account Manager Lisanne: “There is as much as possible at our location, it’s up to us to show that to the world”

Since 2000, the SugarCity site in Halfweg has been in full development. The former sugar factory was transformed into an impressive, industrial event location. Lisanne de Goeij (29) has been working as Account Manager at SugarCity Events for four years now and has already experienced many special events.

How did you end up at SugarCity Events?

“I already knew the SugarCity site, because I regularly visited it when I travelled by train from my hometown Haarlem to Amsterdam. A friend of mine told me that the old sugar factory had been redeveloped into an event location. I decided to send an open application and was invited for an interview. During the introduction I immediately felt a click with the team and after seeing the event rooms, I only became more enthusiastic. In my position as Account Manager for SugarCity Events, I saw the opportunity to develop myself further. Four years have passed since then!

What exactly do you do in your position as Account Manager?

“Among other things, I am responsible for the applications. When a new application comes in, it is my job to enthuse the potential client and to convince them of the value of our location for their event. In addition, after closing a deal, I am responsible for guiding the client before, during and after the event. In the preliminary phase I bring customers into contact with caterers, decorators and technical suppliers if desired. I also take care of the transfer to our operational department for the execution of the events. So you are involved from start to finish, which makes my work so enjoyable. I think the reason this position suits me so well is because I am really a human being. It gives me an enormous amount of energy to switch with many different people every day and maintain contact.

What do you like so much about working at SugarCity Events?

“At SugarCity Events we work with a small and close-knit team. We work very hard together to achieve the best result, which forges a close bond. We also know which projects each of us is working on, so we can think along with each other. I really like that feeling of commitment. Moreover, every day is different, because we host a wide variety of events. From fashion shows and photo shoots to company presentations and TV recordings. And of course, even after four years, this place remains a source of inspiration. I am often surprised by the ideas that arise during the organisation of events.

What does your working day look like?

“My morning starts with making a schedule for that day. There are days when I have three appointments in my agenda, so I don’t spend much time at my desk. Then I give guided tours, for example, or I sit around a table with a client to discuss the possibilities. But on other days I don’t have appointments and I can fully focus on my e-mail and requests behind my computer. Of course, on days when I have many appointments I also check my e-mail in between, to assess whether there are e-mails that really can’t wait or new requests that require a quick response. If necessary, I can then call in the help of one of my colleagues. I also pay a lot of attention to preparing my appointments. I find it important to know with whom I have an appointment, what their wishes seem to be and how we can best help the customer. My list of tasks also includes assessing fire safety plans and permit procedures, maintaining contact with the fire brigade and the municipality regarding current events, and the financial processing of events. Towards the end of the day I check whether my to do’s have been checked off.

What makes SugarCity Events unique in your eyes?

“I don’t know a location that is as authentic as SugarCity Events. The raw character of the factory and the impressive elements such as the boilers – which are also beautifully lit – create a special atmosphere that I have not experienced anywhere else. Our team treats the event rooms with great respect and we ask our clients to do the same. And because there are still spaces that still need to be redeveloped, we can continue to surprise our clients. Various clients have returned to our location for a new event. There is as much as possible at our location, it’s up to us to show that to the world.

“In the Netherlands you will find various industrial and historical event locations, but internationally this is much less the case. However, this is a targeted search. There are opportunities for us there.

What is the most special thing you have experienced?

“The past four years have been packed with special moments, moments, moments, and events.

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