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An event is a great way to get customers on board, generate loyalty, or celebrate something exciting together. We have hosted many great customer events at SugarCity Events such as anniversary’s, site openings, mergers or product launches.

You obviously want the best for your customers and we can assist to create lasting memories. Our industrial event location near Amsterdam used to be a sugar factory and we’ve preserved many of the details, making an ideal backdrop for any customer event.

Industrial event location

Over the years, we have converted several areas of this former sugar factory in Halfweg into an industrial event space. We kept many of the original details including huge boilers, brick walls and striking steel beams, each with its own story to tell of this former sugar factory.

Large and small groups

Want to combine a presentation with a large party or need space for several workshops? At SugarCity Events the possibilities are endless. Our spaces can be used separately or combined: for example the Binnenstraat could be suitable for a reception area while the Middenfabriek and Pulppersloods, the factory’s two biggest event spaces, could be used for the party itself.

Modern facilities

While the size and atmosphere of an event space is important, so is its technology. Fortunately, SugarCity Events has all the state-of-the-art facilities you need to make your customer event truly memorable. We have a superfast 450-megabit WiFi network, power supplies, rigging, LED lighting and an extensive network of partner companies specialising in technology, lighting and security. Of course, you are also welcome to select your own suppliers.

Organise your own event

Our site is the perfect venue for your event. Feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions.

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