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Film premieres at sugarcity events

Looking for a location for a film premiere? SugarCity Events has a wide range of spaces that make a spectacular backdrop for your film’s debut. As the industrial details of this former sugar factory emerge from the darkness, your audience will hardly believe their eyes. The building’s unique atmosphere adds impact to any movie premiere.

Original details

The beautifully preserved features remaining from SugarCity Events’ previous incarnation as a sugar factory, are what makes it so special. Take for example the Pulppersloods’s imposing pillars, brick walls and high windows. They bring the factory’s rich history back to life. We can’t imagine a more striking venue for a film premiere!

Adjoining spaces

The event spaces can be used separately or combined, so it’s easy to set up dressing rooms and reception, VIP or press areas. The SugarCity Events team will be happy to provide suggestions.

Facilities and services

We’ve got the perfect venue for a spectacular movie premiere. Big roller doors and a freight lift makes it easy to bring large vehicles and equipment in and out the venue. We can connect you with our extensive network of events specialists, though if you prefer to use your own suppliers, that’s fine by us!

Organise your own event

Our site is the perfect venue for your event. Feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions.

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The industrial location for your event!