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SugarCity Events – Local rules and regulations

Use of the venue 

The following actions are not permitted in or at the venue: 

  • Suspending anything from the cable ducts 
  • Operating the platform lift oneself 
  • Making the emergency exit signs unrecognisable by masking them without permission 
  • Using confetti (snippets) or similar material 
  • Screwing, nailing, stapling, painting, flyposting, etc. in(to) and on(to) the buildings. 
  • Placing/keeping garbage bags and waste containers in the location. 
  • Relocating or adjusting the house lighting, or using it for purposes other than illuminating the location, deviating from how it was found at the time of handover 
  • If any damage whatsoever has occurred, it must be reported immediately to the location manager. 
  • In the event of an emergency, instructions from the location manager, security personnel, and/or the in-house emergency response organisation must be followed. 
  • The use of helium balloons is permitted, any balloons that have come loose must be removed by the Client itself or can be removed by the Contractor against payment. 
  • Bringing any foodstuffs, drinks, tins and glassware, soft or hard drugs, fireworks, weapons, or other dangerous objects is not allowed. The Contractor shall have the right to seize any such objects during an inspection, without any compensation being due. This can only be deviated from in writing between the parties. 
  • Threats, ill-treatment and other forms of aggression, sexual harassment, racism and other forms of discrimination are prohibited.  
  • All cases of theft or deliberate damage to property will be reported to the police. 
  • If any local rules are violated, or if any other unlawful conduct is observed, the Contractor’s employees may summon the person in question to leave the venue and the grounds immediately. This may lead to their being denied access or their access card or badge being confiscated, without the Contractor having to compensate any form of damages to the person concerned or the Client. 
  • Audio and video recordings can be made. Any participant, visitor and/or the Client who accesses the venue consents to the Contractor using these recordings for publicity and other purposes. No rights can be derived from having participated in these recordings, nor from their publication. 
  • In special cases, where general safety and security so require, the Contractor can demand the right to search any handheld or other luggage brought by visitors, participants, employees of the Client. If considered reasonably necessary, specially instructed and trained personnel can also request anyone to cooperate in a search of their person or their personal effects. Any person who refuses to cooperate can be denied access, or further access, to the site without being able to claim compensation and/or any reimbursement of costs. 


  • The Contractor is not bound to any suppliers, including caterers. The Client may work with its own suppliers, provided that such suppliers are HACCP certified and that this has been demonstrated to the Contractor no later than two weeks prior to the event.  
  • No frying, including deep frying and stir frying, or baking are allowed on the premises. 
  • Food trucks are allowed provided that they comply with the ‘Richtlijnen gebruik foodtrucks in een binnen locatie’ (Guidelines for the use of food trucks in an indoor location). This document can be retrieved from the Contractor. 
  • Putting out any garbage bags, waste containers or skips is not allowed. Waste collection and removal containers can be rented from the Contractor. The Client must place all containers inside the building at all times, i.e. before, during, and after the event. 


  • Animals, including pets, are allowed if announced in advance and in consultation with SugarCity Events. 

 Access for SugarCity Events employees 

  • The Contractor’s employees shall at all times have access to all buildings and all parts of the buildings, including backstage.  
  • The Contractor regularly shows the venue to new clients and interested parties in the daytime. This always takes place under the supervision of an employee of the Contractor. If the planning does not permit such tours to be given during an event, the Client can report this to the Contractor during the production meeting. 

Parking and outdoor grounds 

  • The Client shall use the parking facilities designated by the Contractor.  
  • The Client shall be under the obligation – if so requested by the Contractor, e.g. with large-scale events – to provide one or more parking attendants at its own expense.  


  • The Client must be familiar with the evacuation plan for the buildings and instruct its own personnel on how to act in case of an emergency. In consultation with the Contractor, and in the case of events for which permits must be obtained, it will be determined in mutual consultation, or prescribed by the Contractor, that the Client must engage a security company at its own expense.  
  • Not all buildings have alarms. The Client will ensure security, also at night, if applicable.  

Fire-safe use  

The following applies to events: 

  • Attaching any items to rafters and placing grandstands and stages requires the approval of the Building and Housing Inspectorate and/or a permit of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer, as well as the written approval of the Contractor. 
  • The Client must provide the Contractor with a layout plan no later than two calendar months prior to the commencement of the use, or any earlier as otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. The fire service will check that all the requirements have been complied with. For this purpose, the Client will have to sketch the layout of the rooms for the event to scale in the existing floor plan of the building. If any bleachers, stages and tents are installed, a separate structural drawing will have to be enclosed. 
  • Gas cylinders, substances that cause a fire hazard, and any environmentally hazardous substances are prohibited in all rooms. 
  • Any materials introduced, such as sets, cloths, etc., as well as seating plans, must have been approved by the Fire Service and the Contractor. If any objects (tents, mobile toilets, signage, etc.) are placed in public areas, this will only be allowed if an object permit has been obtained for this.

No smoking

Smoking is not allowed in any building in the SugarCity grounds. 


Noise standards 

Some rooms have limited sound insulation. The Client shall notify the Contractor in advance if any noise nuisance for third parties is expected. The Contractor works with a specialist sound consultant and advises the Client to engage this person’s services.1 The Meeting & Events Department can provide information about this.  

The Client is not allowed to exceed the noise standards. If and to the extent that the noise standards have not been considered in a permit issued for the event, the noise standards as determined in the Dutch General Rules for Establishments (Environmental Management) Decree (Besluit Algemene Regels voor Inrichtingen Milieubeheer; see the table below) will apply toType A establishments; If the Client’s event is one where a noise nuisance can be expected, the Client shall conduct noise measurements prior to the event and ensure that the noise standards will not be exceeded. If the noise standards are exceeded, the Contractor or the location manager will be entitled to discontinue the activities that cause the noise, without being liable to compensate any damages. 

Power, light and sound systems 

All rooms feature a three-phase power supply. The Client will be provided with a summary of the capacity of the electrical supplies of the separate sections of the buildings upon request. The Client shall ensure that the maximum capacity of the electrical supplies is not exceeded during their use. The Client shall have handed in an electricity plan to the Contractor no later than ten working days before the start of the usage period. If there is any doubt as to expertise, or if the electricity plan is not provided in good time, the Contractor will assign an electrician at the expense and risk of the Client for the usage period. The Client shall ensure that the electricity plan covers the power supplies for all usage elements and activities: this will at least include the light, sound, catering, cooling, changing rooms, tents and any (supplementary) toilets/showers, etc. Placing a generator set is only allowed upon the prior written consent of the Contractor. 


If the Client uses any water, the Client shall provide a proper installation for inflow and outflow of the water. The use of fire hoses is only allowed if there is a fire. The rooms must never be cleaned by spraying water on the floors or walls.  

 First Aid 

Depending on the size and type of event, the Contractor may require the Client to hire first aiders and/or set up a separate first aid station.  


The following is applicable in addition to the provisions in DVA ALGEMENE VOORWAARDEN BEDRIJVEN EN PARTICULIEREN VERSION NL 15.02.2019 (to be consulted via [state the direct web address]): 

  • The Contractor will not be liable for any damage to, mix-up, loss, and/or theft of personal property, nor for any personal property that is left behind, in connection with the stay in and use of the venue and associated facilities. 
  • Any use of the venue and the associated facilities is at the user’s own expense and risk. 
  • The Contractor will not be liable for any damage or loss, of any nature, caused due to its having based its actions on any incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by or on behalf of the visitor2 and due to any element of the local rules or the instructions of the Contractor’s personnel not being complied with. 
  • The Contractor will only be liable for any damage or loss (i) if such damage or loss is covered by its liability insurance and up to the amount paid out by such insurance plus the insurance excess or (ii) in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Contractor or one of its supervisors. 
  • If the Contractor is liable (i) other than in the event of intent or gross negligence, or if the Contractor is liable and (ii) the insurance company does not pay out, the Contractor’s liability will be limited to the direct damage or loss (with liability for indirect damage or loss being expressly excluded) (a) to a maximum of €50,000 in respect of injury and (b) €25,000 in respect of any damage or loss other than personal injury. 
  • Any and all rights of claim and other powers, on any basis whatsoever, by the visitor against the Contractor must have been received by the Contractor in writing within 12 months and 1 day of the moment at which they became known, or could have reasonably been known, to the visitor, in the absence of which they will be invalidated. 
  • Save in the event of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Contractor, the Client will hold the Contractor harmless against any and all claims, including third-party claims, on any basis whatsoever, for compensation of damage or loss, costs and/or interest, in connection with the Contract. 

The above exclusion and/or limitation of liability and the corresponding indemnification obligation shall also apply for the benefit of the Contractor’s personnel and any further assistants involved in the performance of the Contract, regardless of whether they work under the Contractor’s direction, as well as for the benefit of any advisers engaged by the Contractor. 

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