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Celebrating an anniversary? Or do you have another important message you want to share? There are many reasons for organizing an employee event, but it is always a good way of showing your appreciation for your employees and encouraging a sense of belonging. Holding a party at an external location makes staff feel even more special. We’ve organised many successful employee events at SugarCity Events.

If you’re looking for not just a location but an experience, you’ve come to the right place. Over the years, we’ve converted several areas of this former sugar factory in Halfweg into an industrial event space. Many of the original details are still in place, each with its own story to tell.

Employee event at an external location

Towering boilers, steel beams, stairs and brick walls offer an unusual setting for an employee event. We can combine multiple spaces, so the possibilities are endless: they can be used as breakout rooms, reception areas, temporary kitchens or production offices. The Middenfabriek has space for more than 5,000 guests, while the Binnenstraat and Turbinehal  are perfect for other side events such as silent disco or lounge areas.

Modern facilities

When we redeveloped the factory into an event location, maintaining the existing fabric was a priority. But we also incorporated the latest technology to support staff parties and other events, like a superfast 450-megabit WiFi network, power supplies, rigging, and LED lights. We also work with an extensive network of partner companies specialising in technology, lighting and security to ensure every event runs smoothly. Of course, you are also welcome to select your own suppliers.

Organise your own event

Our site is the perfect venue for your event. Feel free to contact us for ideas and suggestions.

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