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Webcast studio with an industrial backdrop 

In the Pulppersloods, with its impressive heights and industrial pillars, professional live streams, webcasts and interactive video productions can now be realised. The industrial setting provides an amazing backdrop for various events. Ideal for product launches or online congresses that deserve a professional look and feel. The studio has been set up in collaboration with Bazelmans AV, so all the technical equipment and knowledge are present. 


Unique studio with professional equipment

Among other things, the studio is equipped with at least four HD remote cameras and a HD static overview camera, which makes it possible to film from various angles for a dynamic image. The studio’s two 65” displays offer the possibility of playing back videos, presentations and graphics. Furthermore, the SugarCity Events studio is equipped with an extensive audio setup with various microphones and there is a complete lighting system available so that the studio can be lighted as desired. Guest speakers or an audience can directly participate in the conversation in the studio or ask questions via remote dial-in. In this way, the audience gets involved directly and the event really becomes ‘live’. For even more dynamics, our studio can be linked to the Bazelmans AV studio in Veldhoven, making it possible to switch between locations.

BIG’s Company Quiz

Together with Bazelmans AV, SugarCity Events has joined forces with BIG Creative to come up with a total solution for the most enjoyable online employee event!

Think of the best TV shows you know, full of energy, unusual quiz questions, fun guests and swinging music. Throw an interactive layer on top of that and you end up with BIG’s Company Quiz! The basis of the show is specially put together to keep you and your colleagues connected. A livestream game show customised for your company, in which our host takes all your employees with him in a buzzing hour. During the game show, the host searches for the know-it-all of your company. Music questions will be alternated with questions that you can compose yourself: you are in charge! This is how you give the 60-minute game show an extra personal touch.


Complete experience from A to Z

From technical support to catering for those staying at home, everything has been thought of. Together with BIG Creative and Bazelmans AV, we arrange all visuals, bumpers, streaming software and of course the charming host (M/F)! In this way everything is arranged at once and you can organise the best interactive event for your company worry-free!

Your own online event?

Would you like to organise your own online event? Our webcast studio will help you reach your audience, wherever they are!

Professional studio
Catering options on request
Assistance from our audiovisual partner
SugarCity Events team present
Host (M/F)
Streaming software included


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